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America Delivered is young and we cannot yet carry all our favorite American-made products—but we can point you toward the doors of those who do.
Trek Fuel EX 9.5

The Trek's sophisticated rear suspension and XTR componentry makes mince meat of Blue Mountain.
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Ford Escape Hybrid

We spent a weekend in Ford's 2008 Escape Hybrid to find out just how frugal an SUV can be.
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Vintage Cannondale SR500

We revisit a 20 year old Cannondale and find that it still glides effortlessly.
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Carhartt Duck Traditional

Carhartt was started in 1889 and is still making "Best-in-Class" workwear. The UC03 is our favorite.
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Factory Five Racing - Moochfest '08

During Moochfest 2008, Factory Five unveiled an all-new car! Read on.
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See's Candies

See's Candies have been making mouths happy since 1921. Now sold online and in over 200 Californian shops, See's Candies are at once low-key and high-class.
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Classic Kitchenaid Mixer

Kitchenaid Mixers are American classics--there is one in just about every home, and they have that 1950's charm.
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Filson - Mackinaw Cruiser

Filson’s coats ooze pre-industrial revolution authenticity; they're straight from the era when things were repaired, not replaced. "Born to meet the challenges of the famous Alaska-Klondike Gold Rush."
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Faconnable Dress Shirts

Faconnable's dress shirts are made in Massachusetts by an American-owned company, and they aren't even flannel. I've tried them on and man they are nice shirts.
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Crane's Brushstroke Animal Notes

Crane & Co. is so cool: Since 1879, they have provided the US Mint with all the paper that US currency is printed on. What's more, Crane's was made in Massachusetts before there was a United States.
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Park Tool AK-37 Bike Tools

Park Tool's stunning home mechanics toolkit.
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Dodge Ram 1500

The story of a loyal truck and a 13-hour plowing marathon.
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2008 Mustang GT

Ford's Mustang GT makes you a movie star.
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Vermont Teddy Bear

These bears are 15" tall, totally endearing, and come with free, full-coverage heathcare for life.
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Valentine 1

I have been using Valentine 1 radar detectors for years, and they are absolutely terrific. Read on for links to interactive stories.
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Allen-Edmonds' Shoes

You gotta love Allen-Edmonds, made in New England, and STUNNING.
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SureFire E2D Executive Defender

Pyrex windows, reflectors machined from aerospace aluminum, and optional crenellated strike-bezels. I am left in awe by these illumination tools originally designed for the military.
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Titleist Pro V1 golf balls

Titleist has an incredible history--from recycling rubber in 1910 to making the Allies's rubber gas masks in WWII--their fantastic golf balls are only part of the story
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Levi's Capital E 501's

That might not be a great picture of a pair of jeans, but no matter; read on to find out about the real 501's--sturdy jeans that have been around for more than 150 years.
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